7 Most Effective Ways To Stop Smoking

The decision to quit smoking is very key to your health. Being of importance, it’s challenging to fight for you to overcome it. Probably you want to start your smoke-free life, or maybe you have tried multiple times, but your efforts are in vain. This article features some of the effective methods that will help you overcome the intense cravings for smoking. They are very practicable to anyone who needs to get started.

1.Find your reason to cease smoking

The key to every success is the power/target towards it. Why have you decided to quit? Are you forced to? If you are in a position to answer this, then always keep in mind never to disappoint your vital choices. Possible reasons may be to protect your loved ones from secondhand smoke, to recover your health, to look tidy or young, and so on. Before you light that cigarette, give your decisions the priority “never smoke.”

2. Consult your doctor for prescription pills

Deciding to bury smoking and putting it in action are two parallel things. Your choice doesn’t guarantee actual actions, but it’s a step leading to the rest. Smoking is addictive, i.e., for the case of traditional cigarettes, they contain addictive nicotine. When you try quitting, you may face withdrawal effects; hence nicotine replacement therapy and prescription pills will do for you.

3. Avoid what stimulates you to smoke

The easiest way to do this is to analyze yourself, what you do, how, and why. Some may say, “I smoke to keep warm.” That may be the reason, but can you find an alternative way to stay warm? Other triggers are stress, friends whom you smoke with, part of routine i.e., before you get to bed, alcohol, and others. The best you should do is avoid them or find an alternative, for example, play your favorite game before sleep.

4. Learn to appreciate yourself

 How do you handle your achievements? Some will party while others will explore nature. Such actions will motivate you to do more. So why can’t you try them? The first thing you will note is that some cash will be saved in your pocket. You may buy yourself a present and encourage yourself that you are making progress. 

5. Share your story with those you are close to

What you are not capable of handling yourself may be easier to do with the help of someone else. Involve those close to you in your fight over smoke. They may encourage you by watching over and giving you support whenever you need it. You may visit a counselor for behavioral talks. 

6. Always keep yourself engaged

Most people will smoke in their free time or while reluctant. When free, find something else to do that will keep away your urge to smoking. You can do body exercise or a hobby.

7.Never give up quitting smoking

What should you do when all the above ways fail to work? The answer is, keep trying. Most people give up because they find it rough. Hope for recovery will keep you moving no matter how simple it sounds.

It is possible to win smoking, don’t hesitate to find the way out.




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